Better Marketing for a Better World.


The aim of the Better Marketing for a Better World (BMBW) initiative is to build community and support the development and dissemination of knowledge on how marketing can improve lives, sustain livelihoods, strengthen societies and benefit the world at large.

What We Do

The BMBW Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing served to launch the BMBW initiative. We organize forums, facilitate training, and maintain resources that contribute to Better Marketing for a Better World.

The BMBW forums feature speakers discussing research opportunities, ideas and findings at all stages of development across marketing and allied fields.

  • Sustainability and Climate Concerns

    9 June 2021

  • Economic and Social Empowerment

    16 June 2021

  • Health and Wellbeing

    21 July 2021

  • Prosocial Giving

    28 July 2021

The research proseminar covers BMBW topics that pool expertise from the global community of scholars. It will be open to everyone interested in learning about relevant topics, tools, datasets and methods.

This section includes links to existing datasets that are useful to the study of BMBW topics. We will offer input and training on how to use these datasets to study BMBW topics. We invite you to suggest recommendations or ideas for relevant datasets.


    Data set

  • World Values Survey (WVS Database)

    Data set

  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis Platform – University of Maryland

    Data set


This section includes resources such as information on conference activities, award announcements, funding opportunities, and collaboration opportunities.

Our Partner

Link to Wheeler Institute

The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at London Business School was established to build awareness about the unique role business can play in improving the lives and livelihoods of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. The Institute creates impact by identifying big challenges, applying business insights to help solve these challenges, and by forging communities of learning and practice to implement large-scale and enduring change.