Call for data sets

BMBW Call for data sets

The Better Marketing for a Better World initiative aims to connect academics, managers and other stakeholders interested in marketing as a force for improved social and economic outcomes.  We do this by sharing knowledge in workshops, offering training through proseminars, and sharing information about databases relevant to BMBW.

We are writing to invite recommendations about BMBW-relevant databases. These can include datasets in the public domain, such as the World Values Survey. It can also include databases you have collected and would like to donate to the BMBW cause.

There are a number of benefits to those who provide data sets to the site.  For academics, a presence on the site draws attention to the original work on which the work was based, increasing its visibility and promulgating its findings.  This provides academics with the opportunity to connect with other scholars and practitioners interested in the same area and can serve as a springboard for interesting new research projects and fruitful collaborations. It gives companies, regulators and not- for-profits the opportunity to have some of the brightest and most accomplished minds provide evidence and insight to the environmental problems that they are facing.

If you have a data set relating to pro-social outcomes and would be prepared to share it, please contact one of us. Alternatively, if you know of others who might be in a similar position, please share this opportunity with them so we can broaden the effort to help the field advance on this important issue.