Innovating for good

Innovating for Good

Monday 25 April 2022, 9am – 11am ET / 2pm – 4pm BST


Innovation has the potential to transform lives, organizations, markets, and the world around us in many profound and positive ways. Yet not all innovations are good for the world; indeed, many innovations are not even intended to do good for the world. What does academic research say about innovating for a better world?

In this session, Rajesh Chandy and Christine Moorman will host a set of leading innovation scholars to discuss the topic of “innovating for good”. In the first hour, these scholars will discuss a paper on this topic that they find inspiring and they believe could help inspire more work on the topic. In the second hour, speakers and participants will break up into small groups to discuss ideas presented in the first hour with the goal of developing research directions to pursue on this important topic. All faculty and students are encouraged to participate.