BMBW Forum: Health and Wellbeing

21 July 2021: Better Marketing for a Better World Forum

The Journal of Marketing Special Issue on Better Marketing for a Better World (BMBW) launched an initiative to bring together wide-ranging research to assess, illuminate, and debate whether, when, and how marketing contributes to a better world.


This forum will focus on the power of marketing to improve health and well-being outcomes. In the first hour, authors will discuss the inspiration for their research, the implications of their findings for practice, and ideas for future research. In the second hour, participants will be invited to an intimate discussion and networking opportunity with the authors and other scholars and practitioners to discuss research questions and directions to help marketing contribute in this field. Please join if you want to learn more, engage with the authors, or simply listen.

Participating authors:

Andrea Weihrauch and Szu-Chi Huang, “Portraying Humans as Machines to Promote Health: Unintended Risks, Mechanisms, and Solutions

Watch a recording of the forum.

Health and Wellbeing